Don Forty is a Greek artist, living and working between Athens and Valencia. His artistic journey began with graffiti, a passion that ignited at a young age and laid the foundation for his creative exploration. He later pursued formal education in graphic design in Athens, which further enriched his artistic toolbox.
Throughout his career, he has dabbled in various forms of artistic expression, including graphic design, illustrations, murals, and installations. However, his true artistic language emerges through the timeless combination of black ink and a fountain pen. This choice of medium symbolizes the balance he seeks to strike between chaotic theories and harmonious expressions.
Don Forty’s work is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, featuring fine lines and intricate patterns. His art seamlessly weaves elements from the natural world, offering viewers a glimpse into the beauty of the environment. More than just an aesthetic experience, his work invites contemplation and meditation, drawing the viewer into a world where chaos and order dance together in perfect harmony.
The interplay of light and shadows, the delicate equilibrium between harmony and chaos, the rhythmic patterns of waves crashing on the shore, the subtle colors of pebbles, and the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind are some of the profound influences that shape Don Forty’s artistic vision. These natural elements are the threads that guide him through his creative process, inspiring the intricate lines, mesmerizing patterns, textured surfaces, and structured grids that grace his artworks.
Through his art, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, exploring not only the world around him but also the depths of his own soul. This process of creation and introspection results in artwork that not only captivates the eye but also engages the mind and spirit. Each stroke of the pen is an opportunity to meditate and connect with the universe, drawing the viewer into a meditative state.
In the ever-evolving artistic landscape, Don Forty remains dedicated to his passion for the interplay of light, patterns, and emotions. His art is an invitation to join him on this mesmerizing journey, one that transcends mere visual appeal to offer a deeply reflective experience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Selective Exhibitions
2023     Peramo Project, Athens Greece
2021      The Parallel Project, Gallery 45, Limassol, Cyprus
               4 Points, Twentycinco gallery, Hong kong, China
2020     Adraneia Project, Athens, Greece
2019      Fifteen, Studio, Athens, Greece
              45X45, The Blender Gallery, Athens, Greece
2018      Solo Show, Vinyl Eye, Valencia, Spain
              Solo Show, Punkt Gallery, Gdynia, Poland
2017      Loteria Mexicana, Ink Co, Tel Aviv, Israel
              Necessity, Kyfisia, Athens, Greece
2016      White On Black, Swinton & Grand, Madrid, Spain
2015      Intercambiador-acart, Espacio Trapezio, Madrid, Spain
2014      Unleash the classics project, Virsodepsio, Athens, Greece
              Influence festival, Karditsa, Greece
              No Respect, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, Greece
2013      Seear Superheroes, Edw, Athens, Greece
              Week of Greek Arts Scene, Saint-Gervais Theater, Geneva, Switzerland
              Love and Death, Gallery Sarry 12, Athens, Greece
2012      Lust Decade Reborn, Atopos, Athens, Greece
              Silence is Violence, Gallery r2d2, Brussels, Belgium
2011      Terra nueva, Terra, Athens, Greece
              Lust Decade, Atopos, Athens, Greece
              Seear, Edw, Athens, GreeceColours Within, Stigma lab, Athens, Greece
2010      Larnacan, Afydaton, Larnaka, Cyprus
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