Artist project: Boohaha ( ) 

                         DonForty ( )
Filming: Christoforos Loupas, 
Marios Kappa
Original music: Kostas Visvinis ( )
Typography: Gregoris Papagrigoriou ( )
Photography: Dimitrios Bouras ( )
Edit: Boohaha, DonForty
"The female followers of Dionysus, god of the grape harvest and wine. Often maenads were portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and intoxication. Usually mangled alive wild animals, gripped by mania"

Maenads is a collaboration project between Don40 and Boohaha at an old wine distillery. This factory of wine was built in 1880. The first idea was to make a big installation in one of the huge stone built rooms of the distillery. Then we thought, how we could connect the place with the plot of the installation. Easily, we ended up to Dionysos and finally to maenads. We loved the story of maenads. True freaky maniacs.
The project took part in Athens, Greece at the end of 2013.
Special thank's to Marios Kappa, Christoforos Loupas, Kostas Visvinis, Dimitris Bouras, Natasa Spinth, Gregory Papagrigoriou.
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